Te Tiriti.

Many of the changes are part of an ongoing journey that started with a Te Tiriti audit in 2014, conducted by the late Dr Moana Jackson, whose ensuing report was adopted in full by TEU conference in 2015. The report included a series of recommendations relating to “a process of constitutional reform to advance the Tiriti relationship in a meaningful way.”

In 2020, TEU Council initiated a process to conduct a ‘transformative’ rules review that embeds Te Tiriti in everything we do while ensuring our constitution continues to serve and fit all of our members and their objectives well into the future.

Last year, following numerous workshops and extensive consultation with members and branches, conference formally adopted the mātāpono (principles) that have informed and underpinned the drafting of our proposed new rules:

From these mātāpono, a set of proposed rule changes have been drafted, ready to be debated and voted on by conference in May.

But why do we want to be a Te Tiriti led union? Below you can watch and listen to some of our members, Māori and Tangata Tiriti, telling you what our Te Tiriti journey means to them.