Stand up for our tertiary institutions!

Aotearoa’s tertiary education sector has been underfunded for decades. Government funding has not kept pace with inflation, and now staff at some institutions are facing significant staffing and subject cuts. It would take years to rebuild the capacity lost by such cuts and NZ society would be diminished.

We are asking the Government to urgently provide universities the funds to stop impending job cuts. An immediate halt to job cuts will allow time for a sector wide discussion of the chronic underfunding of the sector and the formation of sustainable solutions.

With your help, we can save tertiary education in Aotearoa

Please sign our petition, to demand action against devastating staffing and subject cuts currently proposed. After you've signed, spread the word on social media! Share the petition far and wide.

We’d also love you to write to your local Member of Parliament – tell them what universities and polytechnics mean to you and the difference they make, ask them to listen to the TEU and stand up for properly funded public tertiary education inside their party. Then follow up with them to ensure they stick to their word.