Stronger Together:
Tatou, tatou e.

Together we are a stronger voice for all tertiary education workers and the important role we play for students and the wider community. We believe in working hard for the students in our institutions, and being respected and paid fairly for that work. We believe in a high quality, public education system that that gives everyone a chance, and helps to build strong communities.

TEU is for everyone who works in tertiary education, including universities, polytechnics, wānanga and private training institutions, REAPs and OTEPs. We are a democratic organisation and we stand up together for what we believe in.

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  • You’ll earn more at a unionised workplace
  • You’re more likely to get fair pay
  • You'll get more holidays and leave
  • Help keep our tertiary education system public


Maureen Frayling


Now more than ever it is important to keep unions strong. … We need to remember that we would not have the conditions of employment we have today if folk before us had not worked together to improve the worker’s lot. It is easy to forget and give in thus deny our future workforce decent working conditions.

Colleen De Vore


The union has always been part of my life. I have the confidence that TEU is there to support me and I do not have to stand alone to ensure my working conditions are safe and reasonable and remuneration is fair.

Robyn McRae-Aoake

Massey University

I was informed of TEU two weeks after starting my position & decided to join as I thought there may be a time when I needed TEU. That time came and the support given by TEU staff was outstanding. I’m pleased I made the right decision to join.


The annual subscription for TEU membership is 80 cents for every $100 you earn, up to a maximum of $792 (gst inc) per year.

Subscriptions are generally paid by automatic salary deduction, but can be paid by other methods if necessary. Contact our membership officer for details.

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