Why Join TEU?

We’d like you to consider joining the TEU this year:

1. You’ll earn more at a unionised workplace

2. You’re more likely to get fair pay

TEU is campaigning to bring women’s pay and employment conditions into line with those of men. Many TEU members are women. Equitable pay and employment for women means better jobs for all tertiary education workers – men and women.

3. You get more holidays and leave

Thanks to TEU workers in universities, institutes of technology and polytechnics have significantly better leave entitlements than New Zealand minimums.

4. You can help keep our tertiary education system public

TEU campaigns for public ownership and control of our tertiary education system so it benefits all New Zealand staff and students, not just those who want to make a privatised profit off tax pay funded services. The fee to join the TEU is 80 cents for every hundred dollars you earn up to a maximum of $872 per year.

5. We campaign for change on your issues

Because we work in the tertiary education sector, we know what the issues are and, like you, we’ve got a good idea what the solutions are too.  We just need your support to make it happen.  We have been around a long time, negotiating higher pay, fairer holidays and safer working conditions.

6. Workload

High-quality education for our students and world leading research takes time and people, and workloads continue to increase.  We need to invest in new staff, as well as keeping the great workers we already have.

7. Fair pay for general staff

General staff need a pay system that recognises the skills, experience and loyalty we bring to our institution. We are campaigning for fair  pay systems  for all  our members.

8. Security of employment

In today’s economic situation tertiary education institutions should be guaranteeing their workers the protection of stable, permanent positions.  People who have worked here in real, long-term jobs should not be kept in casual or fixed term employment.

9. Nationally we have real strength and credibility

TEU is for everybody who works in tertiary education, including universities, polytechnics, wānanga and private training institutions, REAPs and OTEPs. We are a democratic organisation and we stand up together for what we believe in.

10. Because we are stronger together

Together we are a stronger voice for all tertiary education workers and the important role we play for students and the wider community. We believe in working hard for the students in our institutions, and being respected and paid fairly for that work. We believe in a high quality, public education system that that gives everyone a chance, and helps to build a strong economy and strong communities. We are part of the New Zealand union movement and we believe in working people working together to make things fairer and better for everyone.

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Join the TEU today.

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  • For wages that let everyone thrive, and workloads that let us spend time with families and friends
  • For secure jobs, proper professional development, and building respectful workplaces
  • For quality teaching, learning, and student support that transforms lives
  • For workplaces where we can work together on research and innovation that changes the world

Take action.