Associate membership.

Associate membership is available to Tertiary Education Union (TEU) members who have retired or who are no longer eligible for full TEU membership under the terms of clause 5.10 of the TEU’s rules.  This type of membership carries entitlements to many of the benefits available to TEU members, eg. Health CarePlus, member advantage services and TEU publications. However it does not cover industrial or legal services such as agreement negotiations or assistance with personal grievances. Associate members are not covered by the union’s professional indemnity insurance and do not have voting rights.

The current subscription fee for associate members is $25.00 per year. The year runs from 01 January to 31 December with invoices being forwarded at the beginning of each year.

If an associate member takes up employment again in an institution they cease to be an associate member. They are then eligible for full membership of the union and as such would pay the normal union fee of 0.8% of their gross salary with a fee cap at $109,000 gross per annum or $872 (GST inc.) per year.

Contact details for enquiries are:

Membership Officer

P.O. Box 11-767
Wellington 6142
Phone: 0800 278 348

Associate membership forms can also be obtained from organisers, or from our national office at the above address.

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