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Every year we act to change the working conditions of staff. Why not take two minutes to find out more about workloads, staff well being, insecure work, the general staff manifesto, and restructuring.

Take Two for TEU – #WorkSleepPlay
Pretty much every academic and admin staff I know works well in excess of the [agreed]  hours - many of us do far in excess of them  - and we still can't keep up or feel that our efforts are recognised and valued. Senior managers seem to be of the mindset that no matter how hard we might try, nothing is ever good enough to satisfy their ambitions to be #1 ranked in everything. It’s a morale- and confidence-destroying environment which senior management fosters. (Academic staff, university – State of the Public Tertiary Education Sector, 2019).

Under funding and the rules surrounding the tertiary education sector mean that year-after-year workloads for staff have grown.

The most recent State of the Public Tertiary Education Sector notes: Increasing and unsustainable workload is a key concern that has arisen in all of the surveys of tertiary education work that have been completed in Aotearoa over the last 24 years. It is one of the key issues that need immediate attention and consideration by institutional leaders, policy makers and governmental decision makers.

So take two to help us send a clear signal that excessive workloads won’t be tolerated. As well as getting our work done, we all need time to work, sleep, and play.

Just let us know and you’ll get our amazing workloads posters to put up in your workplace.

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Our conditions of work are our students’ conditions of learning. Yet year after year these conditions have come under attack. It’s time to take action.

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