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Pay Well, Pay Fairly

It’s time that all staff in our tertiary education sector received a fair return for on the work they do. It's time to #PayWell and #PayFairly

Pay Well, Pay Fairly

So we are taking action across Aotearoa to make sure fair pay models are used for those who run labs, clean lecture theatres, make sure we have the books we need, sort our pay, and all the other tasks that keep our institutions going.

Why does TEU oppose performance pay?

Performance pay and performance salary reviews have been discredited by educationalist, academics and employers.  Many employers – including major corporates - are moving away from performance pay. You can find out more below.

Performance pay models are unfair. At the University of Auckland the employer’s own staff survey showed that Career Development and Rewards and Recognition were the two areas that PS satisfaction has gone down with what is considered ‘significance’ since the last staff survey.  This is from a low base of 49% for career development and 57% respectively for rewards and recognition

What does a fair pay model look like?

Incremental progression – to value experienceProfessional, general, and allied staff will progress through agreed steps each year similar to our academic colleagues.

Progress through professional development. Professional, general, and allied staff can progress through the acquisition of skills, knowledge and expertise.

Increases to collective agreementsAll staff receive annually salary or wage increases that are a percentage increase, flat rate increase, or a combination of these on personal and paid rates.

To find out more about what’s in your collective agreement and whether it meets the conditiosn above head to your branch page.

Fair pay works

“My formula for how to pay people distils the best theory, research, and practice with
which I am familiar into three short sentences: Pay people well. Pay people fairly. Then
do everything possible to take money off people’s minds. Notice that incentives,
bonuses, pay-for-performance plans, and other reward systems violate the last principle
by their very nature…” Alfie Kohn, pay expert.

Want to know a bit more about fair pay

Daniel Pink: The puzzle of motivation
Barry Schwartz: The way we think about work is broken
RSA and Daniel Pink: Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

The Return of Fair Pay? – The New Yorker
Why performance related pay doesn’t work – CBS News
The undermining effect of monetary reward on intrinsic motivation – PNAS
Performance pay and KPIs don’t rate well for rewarding staff – Stuff
Abandoning pay for performance myths in favour of evidence – Mercer
Stop basing pay on performance reviews – Harvard Business School
The case against performance-related pay – Financial Times
Stop basing pay on performance reviews – Harvard Business Review
The push for performance-related pay is driven by faith, not facts – Polly Toynbee, The
The Risks of Rewards - Alfie Kohn
Rewards Are Still Bad News (25 Years Later) - Alfie Kohn
The Folly of Merit Pay - Alfie Kohn
Show Me the Meaning! A Review of Barry Schwartz’s Why We Work – Sanford DeVoe,
The Psych Report
Professional, allied, and general staff want to feel valued - don’t we all?

Take Action

Time to #Pay Well #Pay Fairly at University of Auckland and across the tertiary education sector.

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