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Taking action together is the first step in taking control of your working life, winning respect for your hard work, and ensuring all New Zealanders have access to quality public tertiary education.
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Reform of Vocational Education

Together we can make sure vocational education and training is accessible, inclusive, and culturally relevant. Take time to have your say on the latest consultation documents from the NZ Institute of Skills and Technology.

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Industrial Matters.


Awhi atu, awhi mai - COVID-19 checkin

Working together we can provide care and support for our whānau, students, friends, and colleagues. You'll find what's happening in tertiary education institutions and TEU spaces.

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Pay Well, Pay Fairly

It’s time that all staff in our tertiary education sector received a fair return for on the work they do. It's time to #PayWell and #PayFairly

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Tertiary Lives

Staff, students, and communities must shape the next Tertiary Education Strategy. The government strategy will set the direction of our polytechnics, universities, and wānanga for the next five years. Let the government know what tertiary lives contribute to New Zealand.

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  • For wages that let everyone thrive, and workloads that let us spend time with families and friends
  • For secure jobs, proper professional development, and building respectful workplaces
  • For quality teaching, learning, and student support that transforms lives
  • For workplaces where we can work together on research and innovation that changes the world