Tiriti-based Futures.

Get ready for 10 days of the 2024 Te Tiriti-based Futures + Anti-racism online conference!

Te Tiriti-based futures + Anti-racism 2020 was an innovative (inter)national, online and offline, Te Tiriti-based, anti-racism and decolonisation event in Aotearoa. Again in 2022, there was an incredible line up of speakers and leaders got together to discuss topics including institutional racism and anti-racism, decolonisation, building Te Tiriti-based futures and transforming our constitution.

Friday 22nd March will be a platform for emerging voices called: Kei te mura o te ahi. Marathon for racial justice.

An epic marathon of short interactive talks from students and recent graduates pushing the boundaries in anti-racism in Aotearoa and internationally.

After the event, most of the open-access webinars are posted online, where they become permanent resources for anti-racist activism and Te Tiriti education.

The organisers are a group of Māori and Tauiwi – including TEU members – with experience in activism, research, and community development. With your help, we hope that Te Tiriti-based Futures + Anti-Racism will continue to be a biennial event.

Head to the website to find out more and register.