TEU welcomes the first polytechnics to be fully integrated into Te Pūkenga.

Te Pūkenga Chief Executive Stephen Town has announced WINTEC and Toi Ohomai will be dissolved from 31 May 2022 and become fully integrated into the new network of vocational education and training.

Te Hautū Kahurangi | Tertiary Education Union’s Te Pou Ahurei Takirua – Ahumahi | Assistant National Secretary – Industrial, Irena Brörens, welcomes the news. “It’s good to see these first steps taken towards integration of all Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics into Te Pūkenga. This marks the beginning of the end of the competition for students, resources and staffing within vocational education.”

“The establishment of Te Pūkenga is something our union has supported, but we have also done a lot of work to ensure these radical reforms result in the sort of meaningful and positive change for our members we hoped for at the outset. This mahi continues.”

“We have been assured the steps announced today by Stephen Town will not result in any disadvantage to, or job losses for, our members but we will continue to monitor that this commitment is fulfilled.”

TEU will be consulting with members next week to listen to any concerns or feedback on this announcement today.