Te Pūkenga executive structure confirmed.

Te Pūkenga have released Te hanganga kaiwhakahaere kua mana | Confirmed executive structure. The organisation received nearly 3,000 pieces of feedback from across the sector during consultation in August, and Te Hautū Kahurangi | Tertiary Education is pleased to see many of our recommendations included in the final outcomes.

TEU strongly advocated for the removal of corporate language throughout the original proposal, which has been acknowledged. Further, Chief Executive Peter Winder states in the confirmation document, “I agree. We are not a business; we are an educational institution.”

Tumu Whakarae | National President of the TEU Tina Smith says, “a change of language in a document like this may seem small but this shift in tone and acknowledgement from the very top of the organisation cannot be taken for granted and must be reinforced and repeated in every conversation we have.”

“Equally importantly, there was reflection of this in the decision to make clearer where academic leadership will sit and how crucial it is, especially in the recasting of the executive structure roles which have been confirmed to ensure ākonga and learning are at their heart.”

“Your voice makes a difference and the changes seen in Te hanganga kaiwhakahaere kua mana are because there were so many great submissions.”

“There is still much work to be done, but the acknowledgement of the strong themes that came through in the submissions is a starting point for the next conversations.”

TEU facilitates a RoVE Reference Group which meets monthly to discuss issues throughout Te Pūkenga and the broader vocational education sector – for more information or to get involved, contact us.