Siouxsie Wiles case highlights a wider threat to academic freedom.

TEU is closely following developments in the Dr Siouxsie Wiles v University of Auckland legal case, currently underway in the Employment Court. Siouxsie’s position is that her employer failed to adequately protect her in the course of her work providing public commentary on Covid-19.

Te Pou Ahurei | National Secretary Sandra Grey says “the abuse Siouxsie has undergone and continues to undergo in the course of her work, not to mention simply living her life, is unacceptable to say the least. Since the first Covid-19 lockdown we have seen an alarming escalation of abuse directed at academics – particularly female academics – who have been engaging with the community and educating the public in their areas of expertise, which is an important part of their job.”

“This case highlights an important issue we need to talk more about. Vitriolic and threatening abuse intended to intimidate people into silence has a chilling effect on both freedom of speech and academic freedom. It’s also a disgusting way to treat fellow human beings. It has got to stop.”

The documentary ‘Ms. Information’ which chronicles the abuse Siouxsie was subjected to during the Covid-19 lockdowns, is still showing in theatres. Check your local listings for screening times.