Proposed job cuts at Te Pūkenga will cause more anguish for those who remain.

Today’s announcement that there will be 400 fewer roles at Te Pūkenga following a fresh round of proposed changes is yet another blow to an organisation already understaffed and under resourced.

Kaiwhakahaere | Organiser Daniel Benson-Guiu says TEU members take no comfort from the majority of the proposed job losses coming from middle management. “None of the people whose jobs are proposed disestablished have been sitting around with nothing to do. They are all hard working people whose work will have to be picked up by those who stay behind.”

“Everyone at Te Pūkenga has spent the past two years working under the constant threat of restructuring and at the same time they have been doing the work of others, who have left the organisation and not been replaced, on top of their already full time jobs. This can’t continue any longer.”

“Our members have been increasingly concerned about Te Pūkenga over a long period of time now. They were promised a new entity that would deliver better, more equitable and accessible provision but so far they have not seen any benefits of the reforms on the ground. This won’t change until they are allowed to get on with safe, secure jobs and be happy at work.”

“The establishment of Te Pūkenga brought with it promises of a system of vocational education that would do more for our regions, more for our Māori and Pasifika tauira and more for our communities. If the ambition of the sector laid out in the Te Pūkenga charter is to be realised, the sector will need more funding.”

“Whenever there are cuts, our members tell us the effect it will have on their communities. Our members are passionate, but high workloads and review after review has left many wondering how much longer they can go on.”

“Enough is enough, it’s time for Te Pūkenga management and the government to stop promising and start delivering for the staff and learners of Aotearoa’s vocational education sector.”

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