Pay equity update.

On 30 September TEU raised two gender pay equity claims along with our sister unions, TIASA and PSA, for low paid library and clerical and administration workers within our 8 universities (see full claims here).

Now the hard work begins. The Equal Pay Act 1972 outlines some key milestones in the process of evaluating gender pay equity claims. The first of these requires the university employers to work together to agree the arguability of the claims. The first deadline for this is in early December and we know that the employers are working together on this now.

While waiting for the employers’ response, members are getting active spreading the word about the claims and what it could mean for themselves and their colleagues. Information events for members who may be covered by the claims are being run on all main university campuses (and by zoom) in November and December. If you have not received an invite but think your role might be covered by one of the claims please email:

For more information about TEU mahi on gender pay equity check out our TEU Gender Equity Toolkit.