Massey policy changes would diminish the university.

TEU members at Massey University are campaigning to stop proposed policies that will lead to the closure of courses and disciplines across the University. This despite the recent government announcements of increased tertiary funding.

The University is proposing to change its ‘No and Low Enrolments Policy and Procedures’, and to introduce a ‘Digital Plus’ policy which would cut back teaching of disciplines in-person at campuses.

Te Hautū Kahurangi | Tertiary Education Union Kaiwhakahaere | Organiser Ben Schmidt says “if approved, the changes could see a small group of Senior Leadership Team members deciding to close down courses and qualifications without consulting staff or students while drastically shortening the time for this process. In addition, the ‘Digital Plus’ policy would see most disciplines only taught in person at one of the University’s three campuses, with serious impacts for local communities in Auckland, Wellington, and the Manawatū.”

“These proposed policy changes would diminish the University and its staff as a place of research and learning for the public good. They must not go ahead.”

“TEU members across the University are concerned these policy changes would lead to large scale loss of valuable programmes and disciplines from campuses, with flow on impacts to staff jobs and student access to education on campuses.”

“Members are furious at the lack of transparency and broader consultation about the policies and their impacts.”

“The Vice-Chancellor must immediately halt this process to engage with the union about a constructive way forward. Staff, students, and the community must instead be at the heart of all decision making for the future of the University.”

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