Lucy Fowler.

Regional Administrator, Te Hautū Kahurangi
Ngāti Hine

In the context of Matariki, the significance of pay equity and equalising opportunities for women in education takes on added depth. Matariki, known as the Māori new year is a time when communities come together to acknowledge the past, celebrate the present, and envision the future.

As we gaze upon the Matariki stars, each carrying its own symbolism and meaning, we are reminded of the aspirations we hold for education in New Zealand. Just as the stars in the Matariki cluster represent different aspects of wellbeing, including education, health, and prosperity, so too must our efforts in achieving pay equity and equal opportunities for women which are crucial steps in achieving gender equality.

TEU is leading the way by raising two Pay Equity claims in the university sector, firstly for assistant librarians, and secondly for clerical and administration staff who provide the foundational work that holds the structure together so academia can deliver.

Recognising the importance of fair compensation for their skills, abilities, and experience etc it respects their contributions which works towards creating a society where everyone is treated fairly and has equal opportunities for success. By addressing pay disparities and valuing the contributions of all, we can create a more equitable learning environment.

In the spirit of Matariki, communities across New Zealand come together to support one another and strive for collective prosperity. Similarly, achieving pay equity and equal opportunities for women in education requires collaboration and solidarity. It necessitates a commitment from government agencies, educational institutions, and society as a whole to address systemic barriers and promote inclusivity.

As we celebrate Matariki and set our intentions for the coming year, let us ensure that women in education are valued, respected, and given the opportunities they deserve. Just as the Matariki stars guide us through the darkness, let us navigate towards a future where gender equality is not just a wish, but a reality embedded in the fabric of our educational systems.