It’s on its way – time to shape the final look of the structures of Te Pūkenga.

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On Tuesday 19 July all staff will get their first look at the proposed operating model of Te Pūkenga, including the new organisational structure.

TEU members had an early briefing in June on the operating model from Stephen Town, CE, and members of the Te Pūkenga Transformation and Transition team, Stephen Henry and Marina Matthews. This briefing is part of a special series organised for TEU members only – if you want to join the next one email to be signed up.

Following the launch of the operating model consultation, there will be additional campus-based meetings for two weeks starting on Wednesday 20 July.

This is the largest vocational education sector reform in 30 years, and we have a chance to help shape the structure through the month of consultation. Please look out for emails from both Te Pūkenga and your subsidiary CE regarding these meetings.

TEU will also be holding union meetings at every site on this change, so please watch out for more information from TEU staff and branch presidents.

If you have any immediate questions or concerns email and you’ll be directed to a TEU staff member who can help.

Making our voices heard – Nursing and Social Work Curriculum Review

Thanks to the hundreds of members who have been involved in speaking up about current curriculum consolidation projects in nursing and social work.

Together you spoke in union and Te Pūkenga heard you – the timeframe for change has now been extended for nursing. The plan was to finalise the curriculum and put them into action on 1 January 2023. However, the rollout is now scheduled for Semester 2, 2023 for those providers that have a mid-year intake, with all remaining providers scheduled to deliver the programme in 2024.

We are still awaiting further information regarding the social work curriculum.

It was your tireless work and dedication to quality tertiary education that led to the revision. Now we have more time to ensure the two curricula deliver quality tertiary education that is fit for every community.

With an extension to the timeframe for the delivery of the unified nursing programme, we know Te Pūkenga leaders will be open to ongoing staff input as the curriculum continues to be drafted.

If you would like to be involved in the work we’re doing on the nursing and social work curricula please email or

Making Te Pūkenga a great place to work – People, Culture, and Wellbeing Roadshow feedback

At a meeting with the leaders of Te Pūkenga last week, the TEU Liaison Officers spoke about what you need in terms of working conditions and culture to make Te Pūkenga a great place to work. Thank you for your feedback which enabled all views to be included.

Key issues shared:

  • The need to address excessive workloads
  • The creation of a high-trust model and an end to micromanagement
  • Genuine professional development and progression opportunities
  • Better health and safety training and approaches

To read the detail of our feedback, click here.

Please share any further thoughts you have with The TEU team has regular meetings with the leaders of Te Pūkenga and can feed your thoughts into these meetings.

Key Dates

  • Organisation Structure Consultation 19 July to 16 August (more information)
  • Academic Regulatory Framework Consultation – launch date moved to 15 August (more information)

Where to get more information

Together we can make Te Pūkenga a great place to work. Talk to your colleagues about the work we do together and ask them to join TEU.