Fast Track Approvals Bill – an attack on democracy.

Te Hautū Kahurangi | Tertiary Education Union is deeply concerned about the government’s proposed new legislation that will give government ministers the power to override the Resource Management Act, the Conservation Act, the Wildlife Act, the Crown Minerals Act, the Fisheries Act and others to unilaterally approve projects without consultation or any other due process including input from academic experts.

The Fast Track Approvals Bill is both troubling for the environment first and foremost, and also a dangerous precedent - if this lack of due process is accepted here it could be rolled out to other areas.

At the instigation of Tiakina te Taiao, our Climate Action Network, we have developed an open letter opposing the Bill. Please sign it, make a submission on the Bill, and circulate the open letter to your branch asking members to sign.

Submissions on the Bill close in two weeks.