COVID-19 Update.

Te Hautū Kahurangi | Tertiary Education Union has once again updated our COVID-19 advisory in light of Aotearoa moving to the Orange traffic light setting since our last update in late March.

The advisory is intended to set out our expectations for employer actions in response to current government advice and be available for members, branches, and TEU staff to use as a guide to what should be happening and ensure institutions are following best practice.

At Orange there are no limits on numbers indoor or outdoor gatherings, no requirement to scan or display QR codes, while masks and social distancing are still strongly advised indoors.

The advisory states “many individual employers have now relaxed their vaccination requirements and, in some institutions, their mask wearing requirements. However, it is still essential that your Health & Safety Reps, Branch President(s), and Organiser(s) are consulted and involved in changes to COVID-19 policy settings at individual institutions. Employers should be allowing adequate time for this consultation process and be open, communicative, and transparent throughout.”

The full advisory can be found here.