Should our employer provide masks? Who will be responsible for monitoring vaccine passes? What will happen if a team member is sick, and work can’t be done? When required to self-isolate do I have to take sick or annual leave? If required to prepare dual delivery, what does this mean for workloads? Can my employer require me to go onto campus? What happens if I contract COVID and run out of sick leave?

These are the types of questions delegates, branch presidents, and organisers field on a daily basis, the answers to which you can find in TEU’s comprehensive new Question and Answer resource. We hope members will find this a useful one-stop-shop for all their COVID-19-related queries and concerns and armed with this information you will be able to ensure employers in our sector are following law and best practice.

If your COVID-19 question is not answered by this resource, don’t forget to follow public health advice, check the Ministry of Education’s latest guidance, and/or contact your TEU organiser. We’ll keep listening to your questions and update the advice.