Announcements signal relief for many staff.

After months of anxiety and uncertainty, a feeling felt by many in the vocational education and training sector, there were feelings of relief and assurance expressed by some TEU members following Minister Hipkins announcements yesterday.

With the Government set on tackling the long-term challenges of skills shortages, and the mismatch between the training provided and the needs of employers, by comprehensively reforming vocational education, yesterday was a cause for relief from some members.

Following yesterday’s announcements, staff still eager for details to emerge over the coming months, are nevertheless feeling reassured that their concerns have been heard,

“We definitely have a sense now that while this is a massive undertaking and there will be some disruption, the reforms will be not the total upheaval that we felt it was going to be at the beginning of the year” a member shared with TEU. “It’s going to be reasonable, rational, measured, not chaotic. We’re being listened to”.

A key reassurance for many has been the announcement that a charter for the proposed single Institute will be set out, providing an ‘enduring guarantee’ and commitment to preserving a strong network of regional campuses and delivery over successive governments.