A budget without imagination or vision.

Te Hautū Kahurangi | Tertiary Education Union is still waiting for a Budget that will solve any of the real issues faced by the tertiary education sector.

Minister of Finance Nicola Willis talked a lot about reprioritisation in her Budget 2024 speech.

But Te Pou Ahurei | National Secretary Sandra Grey says “the Budget reprioritises the burden of keeping tertiary education funding in line with inflation onto students, with their fees set to increase by 6% to offset a miserable 2.5% increase in SAC funding.”

“Along with the removal of fees free from the first year of study, this is a Budget that will limit opportunities, block pathways, increase inequalities and remove the ability of many young people from low-income families to see a future for themselves – all to allow the sector to stand still.”

“This Budget lacks imagination and vision. It does nothing to deliver more well educated and highly skilled workers like builders, plumbers, hairdressers, mechanics, and engineers for our economic wellbeing.”

“Real cuts to funding over the next three years will result in communities losing local provision. The abolition of Workforce Development Councils will remove employer voice from decisions that impact their future.”

“Our students who will be our future nurses and doctors will borrow more, our institutions will have fewer staff and the quality of education will continue to suffer.”

“The Minister seems to think moving fees free to the final year of study will encourage completion. It won’t. What stops students from completing study is rent, food, transportation, need to work, and mental health.”

“In real terms, because of this Budget, our workers are worse off, our students are worse off, our employers are worse off, and our institutions are worse off. We all need to join the fight-back and stand up for our future.”

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