Now more than ever it is important to keep unions strong. We are in a time and have a government that is not employee friendly. All indications show they are intent on reducing worker’s rights. We need to remember that we would not have the conditions of employment we have today if folk before us had not worked together to improve the worker’s lot. It is easy to forget and give in thus deny our future workforce decent working conditions. So far we have seen protracted contract negotiations and the 90 day rule which is easily open to exploitation of people seeking work. This is not a time for complacency it is a time for being aware and for action. Otherwise we stand to lose hard gained basic rights.
Maureen Frayling
I joined the union as I recognise we owe our working conditions to people who have previously fought for them. So anyone in any kind of employment (whether a chief executive or cleaner and whether pro or anti-union) owes their benefits to unionism – I think that’s worth honouring.
Clinton Ashill
I first joined TEU as a result of my belief that unions play an extremely valuable role in protecting workers’ employment situations and conditions, especially for those who are on lower wages or who have less bargaining power. I also think that through collective negotiations, workers can create a much better work environment than if they all act individually. Through our involvement with TEU my organisation has maintained great working conditions for all staff as shown by our strong collective employment agreement. TEU have also supported us to keep up-to-date with developments in employment policy, and have, on many occasions, assisted us to engage in strategic problem-solving which has resulted in a better environment for both individual workers as well as the collective.
Sally Boyd
New Zealand Council of Educational Research
The union has always been part of my life. I have the confidence that TEU is there to support me and I do not have to stand alone to ensure my working conditions are safe and reasonable and remuneration is fair.
Colleen De Vore
Kia ora. I was informed of TEU two weeks after starting my position & decided to join as I thought there may be a time when I needed TEU. That time came and the support given by TEU staff was outstanding. I’m pleased I made the right decision to join.
Robyn McRae-Aoake
Massey University

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