Industrial Matters.

Every year TEU teams negotiate better pay and conditions for 10,000 people working in tertiary education.

What are we fighting for?

  • Conditions and pay that reflect the energy staff put into tertiary education
  • Secure work with fair rewards, gender equity, and a living wage for all
  • A voice in decisions that affect our working lives and learning conditions of our students

What’s on our side in negotiations?

  • Collective strength;
  • Committed members;
  • A national industrial strategy; and,
  • A team of trained union organisers

Our industrial work is:

  • guided by our union goals and values (TEU’s rules and Te Koeke Tiriti);
  • reflective of Te Kaupapa Whaioranga – the blueprint for employment relations; and,
  • flexible and responsive to changing environments (without abandoning our principles and values).

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