Member benefits

As a TEU member you are entitled benefits from the following organisations:

EBS Health Care

EBSEducation Benevolent Society was formed in 1964 and is exclusive to union members in the education sector. As a non-profit organisation, all funds work directly for you through lower charges and extra services.

Here’s a few simple reasons why you will benefit from joining

  • greater financial security
  • a comprehensive range of benefits for you and your family
  • a genuine choice of health care options should the need arise
  • a flexible range of cover options from basic doctors’ fees through to major surgery

Give them a call on 0800 800 441 or email

United Credit Union

United Credit UnionLoan Payments Hard To Manage?

Pay less for loans and save money with United Credit Union. Where Borrowers become Savers.


Member Services:

Savings, secured and unsecured personal loans, debt consolidation, car loans, mortgages and competitive term deposit rates.

Check this out! Approximate weekly loan repayments with UCU.

Unsecured Loan Term Weekly Payments Unsecured Interest Rate Total Interest Paid
$2,500 18 Months About $36 13%-15% $256-$296
$5,000 24 Months $55-$56 13%-15% $685-$795
$10,000 48 Months $62-$64 13%-15% $2,837-$3,313
$15,00 60 Months $79-$83 13%-15% $5,418-$6,343


NB: Loans are subject to meeting our lending critieria and turning borrowers into savers policy

UNITED CREDIT UNION New Zealand Wide Services

  • Competitive Personal Savings Accounts and Term Deposits.
  • Personal Loans – including, loans for debt consolidation, holidays, home improvement activities, and assisting family member. Plus much more.
  • Home Loans and Mortgages.
  • AccessDebt MasterCards and AccessCards.

You can join and take advantage of our great rates, by simply downloading and returning a fully completed Membership Application Form. Learn more about our great services and rates and how we can help you with your personal loans and savings:

Visit our website WWW.UCU.CO.NZ or Contact Us  Mon–Fri 8.30am – 4.15pm on

0800 800 143

United Credit Union is not a registered bank. Members’ shares are secured by a first ranking registered Trust Deed.  United Credit Union is exempt from the requirement to have a credit rating. As such, the creditworthiness of United Credit Union is  not rated by a rating agency approved by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand under section 157J of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989.



As a TEU member and New Zealand resident, Uni-care provide travel and medical insurance while you study work or temporarily reside overseas. You will find the fees through Uni-Care are more than competitive!

As a Uni-care member, you receive 15% discount off the already reduced prices of travel and medical insurance!

Uni-care now has an online joining form for your convenience … remember to choose TEU from the drop-down box as your supporting union.

See the Uni-Care website at or contact

Union Plus


Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing, or entering the property investment market, Union Plus can help. Their services also offer house and contents, vehicle and mortgage income protection.

See the Union Plus website at for more information.


TravelCafe_274x40UnionTravel, through TravelCafe offers discounts on international airfares, accommodation and more. Call free or check out the website for the latest deals. UnionTravel is operated by TravelCafe International Limited in association with Unionsure.

Ph 0800 438 688

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