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The Tertiary Education Union Te Hautū Kahurangi o Aotearoa is you, your colleagues and 10,000 members joining together for a strong voice and better jobs. Joining us is the first step in taking control of your working life – winning respect for your hard work.



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Because we are stronger together

Together we are a stronger voice for all tertiary education workers and the important role we play for students and the wider community. We believe in working hard for the students in our institutions, and being respected and paid fairly for that work. We believe in a high quality, public education system that that gives everyone a chance, and helps to build strong communities. We are part of the New Zealand union movement and we believe in working people working together to make things fairer and better for everyone.

We have strength and credibility

TEU is for everybody who works in tertiary education, including universities, polytechnics, wānanga and private training institutions, REAPs and OTEPs. We are a democratic organisation and we stand up together for what we believe in.


For contact details, collective agreements and the latest news about your branch look for it on this list of polytechnics, universities, wānanga and other tertiary education institutions:


  • Productivity Commission chooses vouchers instead of solutions

    Thanks to mendolus shank At Flickr for the photo - https://www.flickr.com/photos/mendolusshank/9248154171

    Tertiary Update Vol 19 No 33 The Productivity Commission’s long-awaited report says the government’s market approach to education does not work. But, bizarrely, it then proposes student vouchers and more market-driven ...

  • University of Auckland fair pay campaign grows


    People working at the University of Auckland are planning their next move after a one hour strike last week. TEU organiser Enzo Giordani says large numbers of TEU and PSA members, ...

  • Education bill gives private companies public funding

    The tertiary education minister has announced that he plans to amend the Education Act so that private tertiary enterprises (PTEs) will get the same rate of funding as universities, polytechnics ...

  • Intueri suspends trading

    The New Zealand stock exchange placed a trading halt on one of New Zealand’s biggest private education providers, Intueri last Friday. The halt followed news that the Australian Skills Quality Authority ...

  • A hundred oppose Lincoln restructuring turmoil


    Over a hundred people at Lincoln University attended a paid union meeting yesterday to express their concern about ongoing reviews and restructuring. About 20 people then went on from that meeting ...


Tertiary Education Union PO Box 11-767 Wellington 6142



Kia ora! 

I’m Sandra Grey, president of the New Zealand Tertiary Education Union Te Hautū Kahurangi o Aotearoa (TEU) for 2015-16.

Our union represents the interests of 10,000 people working in tertiary education. TEU is the main union in our sector. Our membership includes teachers and workers employed in all occupations in universities, polytechnics, institutes of technology, wānanga, other tertiary education providers and allied organisations.

TEU members work together collectively to safeguard and enhance our industrial, professional and educational goals, including:

  • negotiating collective employment agreements so that you have the best possible pay and working conditions;
  • advising and representing you with employment-relationship problems;
  • monitoring and acting on issues that affect you in your workplace;
  • improving the quality of tertiary education in New Zealand;
  • developing specialist research and policy to promote the interests of tertiary education workers; and
  • safeguarding the rights of Māori members and meeting the union’s responsibilities to wider Māori communities through the promotion of and adherence to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

We are a democratic union with strong membership participation and governed by an elected council.

TEU is the union for everybody who works in tertiary education. We are a democratic organisation and we stand up together for what we believe in.