Academic freedom at stake

Tertiary Update Vol 18 No 40

An attempt by police to prevent a crime researcher using public data raises important academic freedom questions. University of Canterbury sociologist Dr Jarrod Gilbert revealed to the New Zealand Herald yesterday that he has been deemed by the police to be unfit to conduct research. … Continue Reading ››

Academic freedom threats more widespread than police data

The case of the police withholding data from Dr Gilbert is a breach of academic freedom but not an isolated one, says TEU national president Dr Sandra Grey. Grey says government departments are wary of damaging headlines and this has led them to clamp down on public commentary from scientists. A survey last year by AUT’s Work … Continue Reading ››

Tertiary education cuts are the important stat

Cherry picking statistics from the latest OECD education survey doesn’t hide significant cuts in education spending says TEU national president Sandra Grey. Government ministers are claiming that the OECD’s latest Education at Glance report shows that they are committed to public spending on education. However, Grey says the reality is that this government is spending … Continue Reading ››

Govt cannot dismiss scientists

When the government dismisses scientific and academic evidence it endangers the whole country, says TEU national president Dr Sandra Grey. Last week the deputy prime minister called a comprehensive report into rising sea levels ‘speculative’. That report by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment was based on the work of highly regarded scientists and academics … Continue Reading ››

New pay offer ends AUT dispute

TEU members at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) have ended their strike action where they temporarily withheld assessment grades for entry into the university’s database. Late last week AUT increased its pay offer to academic staff at the university to 1.6 percent for the first year of the new collective agreement and 2 percent for the … Continue Reading ››

I support regional education

Aoraki Polytechnic and CPIT are merging to create a new polytechnic. It's crucial that this new polytechnic doesn't cut costs, cut courses or cut jobs. It's crucial that it delivers the best high-quality education to all our students in Canterbury, South Canterbury and North Otago. We're campaigning for that goal.  And we want you to support us.

I support regional education

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Background … Continue Reading ››

WITT backtracks on closing courses

Tertiary Update Vol 18 No 39

The Western Institute of Technology in Taranaki (WITT) has withdrawn plans for a course-cutting review after criticism from TEU. The polytechnic announced on Monday that it was planning to cut courses and staff numbers, and to increase class sizes. TEU criticised the media statements, saying they were a breach … Continue Reading ››

Cleaners join TEU’s campaign for Canterbury living wage

Eight University of Canterbury cleaners joined TEU in the last week after the union negotiating pay rises of more than 8 percent over three years. Nanette Cormack, who led TEU’s negotiating team, says cleaners’ pay will rise to $16.00 an hour, then $16.50 and $17.00 by 2018. TEU members get each of these pay rises three … Continue Reading ››