Parties measured on commitment to tertiary funding and governance

Tertiary Update Vol 17 No 31

A comparison of each political party’s tertiary education policies to TEU’s blueprint for tertiary education, Te Kaupapa Whaioranga, shows some parties are committed to the same principles that TEU members endorsed as solutions to improve tertiary education last year, but others are not.

At its annual conference last year … Continue Reading ››

Voting to end insecure work

Jobs should work for everyone, but they increasingly serve the needs of employers, not employees, according to the Council of Trade Unions. In the lead up to general election the CTU says the results of opening up the economy, cutting social supports and weakening employment law have been low pay, longer working hours, a shameful workplace … Continue Reading ››
Victoria University of Wellington VUW

Academic board asked to challenge Māori business school closure

Staff at Victoria University are hoping that their Academic Board will reconsider a senior leadership decision to close its business school’s Māori Business programme. VUW's Senior Leadership Team is proposing to close the Māori Business programme with a likely loss of two senior lecturer positions, and significant implications for the school and faculty. … Continue Reading ››

Allowance restrictions force debt up

The New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA) is concerned at a jump in average student loan debt. NZUSA has released findings from its longitudinal Income and Expenditure Survey of 5000 students from universities and polytechnics conducted in August of this year. The study reveals that the average student loan debt is now $24,405, up 57 … Continue Reading ››

TEU elections

Elections opened this week for TEU’s 2015-2016 National President Te Tumu Whakarae. Both candidates, Current national president Lesley Francey and former national president Sandra Grey are answering questions from union members and members of the public and sharing information about themselves and their policies on their campaign websites. The election closes on 26 … Continue Reading ››

Protected: Conference 2014 registrations

 TEU - There's a Place for You

The TEU's 2014 Annual Conference is being held in Wellington on the Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th November 2014.  Registrations close Monday 20th October 2014. Please complete the form below to register for conference.

Level 1-2 tutors hoping for stable funding this time

Tertiary Update Vol 17 No 30

The Tertiary Education Commission has made interim funding decisions about how it will allocate up to $70 million of funding for level 1 and 2 (foundation studies) courses in 2015 and 2016 but it has not made those decisions public yet. The commission’s funding decisions are not final and it says … Continue Reading ››
Bill rosenberg

The election and the economy

CTU economist Bill Rosenberg looks at what economic policies we need from a new government after the election. The “rock star economy” was never more than a blip and economic growth has probably peaked, according to Bill Rosenberg. “Yet wages haven’t followed growth on its way up and unemployment is much higher than it should be. Meanwhile … Continue Reading ››
Thanks to Education International for the photo of Lesley Francey

Lesley Francey – fighting against casualisation

Lesley Francey distinguishes herself from her opponent by saying she will stay focused on the industrial issues. Lesley is a working class Scottish migrant, who has worked in over 30 jobs since she was 13. Much of her candidate statement talks about two of union’s two major pieces of work over the last two years, Te Kaupapa … Continue Reading ››
Dr Sandra Grey

Sandra Grey – politics for the people

Sandra Grey is standing against an incumbent, so we can assume she wants change. Sandra is a political person - she’s actively involved not just in TEU, but Academic Freedom Aotearoa, the Living Wage Campaign, the campaign for MMP and a number of other organisations focused on activism and dissent - particularly around the activities … Continue Reading ››
CTU president Helen Kelly. Photograph courtesy of the Otago Daily Times

University students’ unpaid internships

Some university graduates are working months at a time as unpaid interns according to a New Zealand Herald investigation last weekend. The paper reports that unpaid work internships have long been a component of tertiary education, and there are now some that go for an indefinite amount of time.
“While unpaid internships may help graduates into full-time … Continue Reading ››
Australian Outback

Bill opens door to putting private and public universities on same footing

By Emmaline Bexley, University of Melbourne There’s a devil lurking in the detail of Australia's higher education reform bill presented to parliament. As expected, the bill, introduced yesterday, proposes to open Commonwealth subsidies for undergraduate teaching to private higher education providers. These will have access to 70% of the per-student rate that universities receive. But … Continue Reading ››

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