Hau Taki Haere | Tertiary Update Vol 24, No 22

On Tuesday 17 November, Te Hautū Kahurangi | Tertiary Education Union (TEU), The New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA), together with Te Wānanga Aronui o Tāmaki Makaurau | Auckland University of Technology (AUT) hosted the Voices of Tertiary Education – Internationalisation Forum 2020 at AUT.

The Voices of the Sector Forum brought together a range of participants to discuss the issues and opportunities for internationalisation in Aotearoa. Tertiary education staff, learners, senior leaders, government officials, and business leaders met to focus on student experience, funding, and ways to connect on the question of international education.

At the forum, agreement was reached by participants on a number of key issues, including that the impacts associated with the Covid-19 pandemic have highlighted weaknesses within the tertiary education system. Participants agreed that proposed cuts to delivery and jobs as a result of revenue loss due to the border closure are short-sighted. Instead, the tertiary education sector requires an urgent cash injection  to ensure it is stable enough to help ‘build back better’.

Crucially, and echoing the new direction of the Tertiary Education Strategy, there was agreement that the benefits of tertiary education extend beyond economic factors; and that we must work together to re-imagine how the goals of international education are to be achieved. The sector must therefore avoid a return to the pre-Covid approach and instead create an international tertiary education strategy that is ethical and leads to a socially and culturally sustainable sector. For TEU Tumu Whakarae National President Michael Gilchrist,

‘In order to achieve a more sustainable sector, while maintaining the many benefits of internationalisation, the Government must work with the sector to stabilise and provide certainty for the future. We need to work toward retaining staff capacity and sector knowledge and expertise to ensure we have a tertiary education sector that works for New Zealanders and international students alike’.

TEU will continue to collaborate and discuss the core issues raised at the forum in drafting a position that reflects the needs and concerns of the sector to bring to hui with Education  Minister Chris Hipkins.

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