Every year TEU teams negotiate better pay and conditions for 10,000 people working in tertiary education. We negotiate for pay and conditions that reflect the energy staff put into tertiary education; secure work with fair rewards; a Living Wage; and a voice in decisions that affect the lives of all who work in the tertiary education sector.

Unions exist for workers to support each other so that they don’t have to face a problem, or negotiate improvements to their working conditions, on their own. When workers act together they have strength and safety in numbers and have a better chance of getting what they need at work and beyond.

The more members the TEU has, the greater our power to achieve our goals will be. The more members we have locally, the greater income each branch will have to provide support for members in their job. It is particularly important to recruit young members if TEU is to grow and be strong in the future.

So, what other reasons are there for staff to join TEU?

• Staff can earn more at a unionised workplace – Each year the TEU wins pay rises for our members. Statistics show that where workplaces are well unionised salaries are higher.

• Union members are more likely to get fair pay – TEU is campaigning to bring women’s pay and employment conditions into line with those of men. Many TEU members are women. Equitable pay and employment for women means better jobs for all tertiary education workers – men and women.

• You can get more holidays and leave – Thanks to the TEU workers in universities, institutes of technology and polytechnics have significantly better leave entitlements than New Zealand minimums.

• TEU members can help keep our tertiary education system public – TEU campaigns for public ownership and control of our tertiary education system so it benefits all New Zealand staff and students, not just those who want to make a profit off tax-payer funded services.

So, the bottom line is, invite your colleagues to join TEU. It only takes a few minutes online, just direct them to: https://teu.ac.nz/join/

Visit the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions for more information to share with friends and colleagues.