Over February 16, 17, and 18, TEU 2021-22 national committee members will meet for the first time.

The meetings of the committees is the first of many opportunities over 2021 for national reps to connect, reconnect and reaffirm their shared vision and goals for the year.

For TEU Te Tumu Araki, Māori Vice-President Hūhana Watene, 2021 is about continuing to build upon the strong foundations set by TEU, Te Toi Ahurangi, Te Uepū, and the broader membership, while supporting strong and open collaboration,

“There is plenty of mahi to do. But continuing and strengthening the whanaungatanga practices between Te Tumu Arataki, Tumu Āwhina, Te Pou Tuarā, and Te Kāhui Kaumātua of TEU will put us in good stead. To me, collectively, we make a very effective dynamic whānau unit working to advance and benefit our Te Uepū Māori, as well as all TEU members. I’m looking forward to further harnessing our skills and experience”.

Julie Douglas, TEU Industrial and Professional Vice-President says the review of the TEU National Industrial Strategy, ensuring job security and further development of Te Pūkenga will be key areas of work moving forward,

“We continue to see across the university sector some pretty worrisome messages about staff and staffing levels, so the union will continue to be particularly important to members across a number of issues over 2021, including job security. Our Industrial Strategy provides an anchor and direction to improve conditions for working people but now we are facing a time where there is going to be significant downward pressure on those wages and conditions. It’s vital we continue to push back against this pressure”.

TEU Women’s Vice President Jael Reiri says she is looking forward to championing both the TEU Gender Equity Strategy and Te Koeke Tiriti, and to bringing a bi-lingual and bi-cultural perspective to the role of Women’s Vice-President,

“TEU’s Gender Equity Strategy 2020-2023 calls for greater recognition of the value of both paid and unpaid work of wāhine, for equitable pay, and the elimination of the gender pay gap. Calling attention to the mana of wāhine Māori is also a core goal of the Strategy, and it’s important that we continue to highlight inequalities wherever they exist”.