Tertiary Update – Vol 22 No 4

On 15 March 2019 at 1.32pm New Zealand changed forever.The murder of 50 people at mosques in Christchurch stunned us all.In the days that have followed we have gathered in our tens of thousands tomourn, to express our horror, and to try to make sense of the world.TEU National President Michael Gilchrist and National Secretary Sharn Riggssent a letter to TEU members titled Day to Day Actions and Words Matterafter the attacks at the Masjid al Noor and Linwood Masjid. In thefollowing days, TEU members from across New Zealand sent heartfelt replies.TEU members expressed encouragement for the strong position the union holdsin support of tolerance, diversity, and unity.“As someone who has experienced in myriad ways the pervasive racism, albeitsubtle here in New Zealand and continue to swim upstream without giving up,I greatly appreciate your words. I hope this unwanted incident will stir usinto action to root out racism from our workplaces and daily lives. It’s along and hard work, but we will win in the end”. Arindam Basu, Universityof Canterbury.“Thanks for this morning's email titled Day to Day Actions and WordsMatter. I think those are the right words, and I am heartened that ourunion holds, and is willing to express, a strong position on tolerance ofdiversity as a part of unity. I also think it is important to consistentlyexpress these values, and in some way balance the public discourse ofindividualism”. Eliza de Waal, New Zealand Council for Education Research.Diversity is a strength of the union movement and it was evident in theresponses sent by TEU members.“Tēnei te mihi ake i ō kupu.Whiria he kaha tuatini mō tatou.Thank you for your words.Let us plait a bond of strength for all of us”.Poia Rewi, University of Otago.“In this worldHate never yet dispelled hate.Only love dispels hate.This is the law,Ancient and inexhaustible”.Lord Buddha (shared by Arindam Basu)Sharn Riggs says “we are really grateful for the messages of support forthe work we are doing and the sentiments extended to New Zealand’s Muslimpeople, both on our tertiary campuses, and in the wider community”.Also in Tertiary Update this week:1. Sector response to Christchurch tragedy2. 2019 review of the Performance Based Research Fund3. NEETs need our support4. Humanities, humanness, and vocational educationOther newsA restructure at Te Wānanga O Aotearoa has resulted in 133 roles beingdisestablished, and 98 new roles created - StuffAnother PTE has had their accreditation withdrawn by NZQA Due toserious issues with moderation, assessment, and the quality of teaching- NZQAChanges to Family Violence (Amendment) Act come into effect from Monday- Herald