The National Women’s Committee (NWC) is hosting a political panel on Tuesday 18th August calling for action on gender equality.

The panel is part of a hui bringing together TEU members from across Aotearoa to empower women in union. The NWC is calling for less talk and more action to ensure our most vulnerable workers are valued.

The NWC EmPOWERing WOMEN in Union Political Panel will feature; Hon Julie Anne Genter (Greens), Barbara Kuriger (National), Hon Tracey Martin (New Zealand First), and Priyanca Radhakrishnan (Labour).

Recent media reports have painted a sobering picture of women in the workforce in Aotearoa, indicating how important it is to have politicians discussing gender equity.

Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa June 2020 quarter labour market statistics show that women have so far borne the brunt of job losses in the economic down-turn triggered by Covid-19. This exposes the reality that women are disproportionately represented in some of the most vulnerable, insecure and low-paid areas of work in our economy – a pattern that is mirrored in the tertiary education sector.

TEU Women’s Officer Sarah Proctor-Thomson notes “The first jobs to go in our sector since March have been casual and fixed-term positions with hiring freezes in many of our tertiary education institutions. We know women out-number men in these types of roles in our sector."

Proctor-Thomson adds “Now is the time for strong interventions designed to reduce gender inequalities in employment and pay in our public education institutions. We need to not only have these discussions, but we need to see action in response to these issues."

TEU hopes to see that all policies being released in the upcoming General Election adequately consider the impact of gender inequality. We will be calling on all politicians across Aotearoa to make an election pledge to fund and address gender equality in the tertiary education sector.

TEU’s EmPOWERing WOMEN in Union Political Panel on Tuesday 18th August, 5.30pm. Politicians from major political parties will discuss their plan to advance gender equality for all wāhine in Aotearoa. Join online as a TEU Facebook Live Event.

Media Contact: Dr Sarah Proctor-Thomson – 021 0274 1092