Another eight peoples’ jobs are under threat at EIT.

If the job cuts go ahead, it will mean more learners will miss out on courses in horticulture. This means more businesses in horticulture will be left struggling to find qualified workers.

Why are we seeing more cuts to our community’s polytechnic? A poor funding model and a decade of underfunding is one of the main reasons.

Our managers have no response to the falling roles and underfunding other than taking a short sighted view and cutting costs.

We need the government to step-up, and we need your help.

We need you to stand with us on our day of action this Wednesday.

We’ve demanded an urgent meeting with the Minister of Finance. His vision of New Zealand is one based on improving social, economic,cultural, and environmental well-being.

Economic well-being is not being advanced when you continue the previous government’s underfunding of vocational education.

You aren’t really improving environmental well-being when you cut horticulture courses which are all about the sustainable use of the land.

It is hardly an act of cultural well-being when you strip courses which ensure our community thrives.

And how are you addressing social well-being when you takeaway opportunities from learners, and hope from their families.

Further cuts at EIT will cut across the well-being promises of this government. It doesn’t need to be this way.

A very tiny portion of the current government’s $7 bn surplus would stabilise the polytechnics.

And that would give us time, all of us – teaching and allied staff, learners, their families, communities, and industry – to build a stronger and more effective system that delivers.

So stand with us on our day of action and tell the government to put some money into polytechnics.