New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST) leadership is taking shape with the appointment of six Deputy Chief Executives into new roles setting the tone for the future of Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) in Aotearoa.

The TEU welcomes the appointment of six Deputy Chief Executives for NZIST which reflects the kaupapa of NZIST itself: of Te Tiriti relationships, recognition of diversity, of gender equity - and the need to make vocational education as inclusive and accessible as possible. TEU members will be preparing a short briefing document to begin conversations with each of the new executive members.  We have high expectations given TEU’s past briefing to NZIST Chief Executive Steven Town.

TEU National President Michael Gilchrist has responded to the announcement stating, “We believe members will welcome the sense that there is a fresh impetus and approach apparent in this team; There is the potential to complement the strengths already existing in the polytechnics and support the new direction inaugurated by the Governments reforms.”

Dr Gilchrist adds, “The test for staff will be how well this leadership team can walk the talk on making the aspirations of the NZIST Charter a reality. That begins with the empowerment of staff and students in every aspect of the new national network and placing the teaching and learning relationship, whether on campus, online or on the job, at the centre of our collective efforts.”

TEU looks forward to working with the new team and continuing to support the exciting development of NZIST and helping realise the huge potential this new nation network represents.

Media Contact: Dr Michael Gilchrist 027 899 4256