On Thursday 24 September, TEU will launch our inaugural Te Mātūī as a place to celebrate the vision, mahi, and voices of our TEU Te Uepū Māori members.

Te Mātūi is the first of an annually produced collection of contributions made by Te Uepū Māori members over the last 12 months to TEU policy, communications and Hau Taki Haere | Tertiary Update. As such, Te Mātūi provides further platform for celebrating the valuable mahi, expertise, and contribution of Te Uepū members on topics and issues ranging from pedagogy, Te Ao Māori, te reo Māori, Mātauranga Māori, Matariki, health, race and (in)justice.

The journal’s title, Te Mātūi, comes from our TEU karakia, Te Tangi a te Mātūī,

Kia whakarongo ake au, ki te tangi a te manu nei, a te mātūī...

I listen, to the cry of the bird, the mātūī...

Te Tangi a te Mātūī asks that the cry of te mātūi be tuia i te here tāngata - interwoven with the threads of humanity – much like the stories within Te Mātūi.

With contributions from Māori leaders within TEU, and Te Toi Ahurangi, and from academic and general staff, and tauira, Te Mātūi also provides a means for members to learn from the vast experience and range of view points represented within TEU, and for giving voice to the voiceless - Awhi atu, awhi mai.

TEU Te Pou Tuarā Lee Cooper says the release of the inaugural Te Mātūi is an exciting opportunity to showcase the knowledge and contributions of Te Uepū members,

“Through the release of Te Mātūi we acknowledge and celebrate the many contributions of Te Uepū members, our TEU Tiriti relationship, and the framework of Te Koeke Tiriti. The engagement of our members is evident in the depth and range of views represented in the inaugural Te Mātūī, and we at TEU are excited to see the first of many editions of Te Mātūi available to members”.