On Wednesday 22 June, TEU members took part in a hui with NZIST Deputy Chief Executive Alex Cabrera and colleagues to discuss the structure and function of NZIST’s Staff Advisory Committee.

NZIST Deputy Chief Executive Alex Cabrera has been working with NZIST from its establishment phase and will continue to support inaugural NZIST Chief Executive Stephen Town in his role.

A key concern voiced by TEU members was the absence of staff, student and Māori voice on the NZIST National Board. Cabrera assured those in attendance that the Board is clear that they want the meetings to be as open and transparent as possible, and this may involve a regular spot in Board meetings for TEU representatives.

As with TEU’s previous discussion with NZIST Chief Executive Stephen Town, TEU representatives in attendance expressed concern that a one-size-fits all approach to NZIST would negatively impact the regions, and this should be avoided by ensuring strong regional voice and representation.

TEU representatives expressed a need for greater appreciation of staff and a spirit of collaboration and partnership which must be embedded in the culture of NZIST.

TEU’s direct engagement with NZIST representatives has continued to create influence and empower members. That is vital during the establishment and transition into NZIST  to ensure accessible, equitable life-long learning in vocational education and training.

TEU members have taken on the challenge of ensuring our vision of quality, publicly funded education flourishes in the tertiary sector.