As we begin a new year that promises to bring with it both challenges and exciting opportunities, the first Hau Taki Haere |Tertiary Update of 2020 provides us all with a chance to reacquaint ourselves with, and recommit to the goals contained within our TEU workplan 2019-2020.

The four goals stated within our workplan include that we:

1) Advance our knowledge of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and actively work on our Tiriti relationship;

2) Be the voice of the tertiary education sector (for publicly funded, accessible education, and to ensure a more socially just world);

3) Maintain and improve both pay and conditions of work; and

4) Foster collegial, inclusive and equitable workplaces.

These goals and implementation plans are detailed in the TEU’s core guiding documents, our Te Koeke Tiriti Handbook; Te Kaupapa Whaioranga – The Blueprint for Tertiary Education; TEU’s Industrial Strategy; TEU’s Political Strategy; and TEU’s Union Growth Strategy.

To achieve our goals we need to work collectively. This means:

• all members having a place to take action in a way that is meaningful;

• council, national committees, and branch committees taking active roles in advancing the workplan; and

• increasing membership numbers, increasing the numbers of activists, and increasing our ally and supporter bases.

In this edition of Hau Taki Haere |Tertiary Update we take a closer look at our workplan for 2020, what we hope to achieve, what success in these areas might look like, and how we as the TEU can encourage active participation from our members and across the sector in achieving our shared objectives.