Next month, staff, students, industry trainers, sector leaders and policy makers will come together at a forum to discuss the state and structure of tertiary education in New Zealand.

The Tertiary Education Sector Forum, August 2019, will see representatives from government and across the tertiary education sector discuss whether the structures of the sector enable us to meet society's needs; are consistent with the government’s education strategy; and, are providing for the sustainability of institutions.

The Forum provides an opportunity to bring the whole of the tertiary education sector together to discuss the most pressing issues and how the sector can work collectively to deliver on our shared objective of providing world-class education to our students.

Last year the TEU co-hosted two Voices of Tertiary Education forums. Both forums were instrumental in showing the Minister of Education how we can work together as a sector and the two statements that resulted from the Forums have gone a long way to shaping government policy.

This year’s Forum will be held at the University of Waikato, with Minister of Education Chris Hipkins speaking alongside student, staff, union and senior leadership representatives.

Having this diverse range of voices together is crucial as the Tertiary Education Strategy is set to be renewed, and we continue to discuss the reform of vocational education in New Zealand.

Te Tumu Whakarae-National President Michael Gilchrist, a speaker at this year’s Forum,  says the process is vital in creating change.

“The feedback we received following the success of the Forums last year is that these all-of-sector conversations, and the statements that result from them, demonstrate that we share common values. We all want to see a quality public tertiary education sector that’s transformative and accessible to all New Zealanders. Coming together for dialogue can help us achieve this”.