As we reflect on the year that’s been, it’s incredible how much support that we as union members and staff in the sector have extended to one another. Whether with fellow TEU members, learners, colleagues, or within our communities, the awhi and mahi we have individually and collectively put in has contributed to seeing us through a uniquely difficult year.

The challenges of teaching, learning, support work, administration and all that was needed during a global pandemic to support learners and communities have been taxing on many levels. We thank all our members for their hard work, dedication, determination, and once again, the awhi you have extended to one another over 2020.

It’s time for us all to now take time for ourselves...

Union members over many years have fought hard to secure your right to  leave, and it’s important we all use it to take some much needed time off, away from work.

We need to use that leave to do whatever we need to unwind. To do whatever is important to us, and whatever will help us re-energise. Whether its time with whānau, or time sitting at the beach reading a book. Be kind to yourselves and those around you, and please put work out of your mind as best you can over the holiday period.

That leave is yours. You don’t want work to enter into that space over the holiday period, so it’s important you make that space your own and fill it with all those non-work people and activities you care about.  

Enjoy your summer break and know that if you need support you can still contact the TEU staff by calling 0800 278 348