TEU Press Release22 August 2018Both funding and structures key to long-term educational provision atLincolnThe latest exploration of a partnership or merger opportunity between twotertiary education institutions is further evidence that we need to rethinkthe sector’s funding system, the TEU said.Lincoln University and the University of Canterbury (UC)announced yesterday that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) to explore partnership or merger opportunities.The announcement from Lincoln’s vice chancellor, James McWha, noted thatthe exploration of options was needed to address issues facing the sectors,particularly around encouraging more people to study and work in theland-based sectors, increasing productivity and developing solutions topresent and future technological, social and environmental challenges.“The issues faced by Lincoln and other small tertiary institutions cannotbe addressed by simply restructuring the way tertiary educationinstitutions are managed and organised,” says Sandra Grey, TEU NationalPresident.“Underfunding and poor policy decisions over the last decade have meantthat Lincoln University has undergone almost constant restructuring andcourse closures. This means we need to explore both the structural andfunding issues facing Lincoln University if we want to ensure a stable andlong-term future for those wanting to teach, learn, and research there.”The Government is committed to Lincoln remaining at its present siteand retaining its brand and identity.However, Grey notes that the last government made similar promises aboutmergers and partnerships but failed to deliver. “Past mergers in thetertiary education sector have led to course closures, job cuts, and lostopportunities for students, their families, and communities.”“We need a commitment to the current levels of provision and to ensuringthat the Lincoln University and University of Canterbury leaders takeseriously staff and student voice. Those working and learning at Lincolnwho can offer expertise and experiences that will ensure any merger orpartnership is successful.”


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