Together we have made sure that students, iwi, communities, and staff are at the heart of bold changes proposed for the vocational education sector. And we need to keep working together to ensure life-long learning is accessible to New Zealanders no matter where they live, their past education or work experiences, or their learning needs.Education Minister, Chris Hipkins, has proposed major changes for vocational education and training:

  • The establishment of a single New Zealand polytechnic with a plan to increase the spaces in which teaching and learning occurs.
  • The return for industry training organisations to a core role of setting industry standards for training and education, while polytech staff provide teaching and learning on in workplaces, online, and on campuses.
  • A unified vocational education funding system that would recognise that one size does not fit all types of training or all places of where education is provided.

So please, take time to read, think, and talk about the proposal set out in “Reform of Vocational Education: Consultation discussion document”. Then send us your thoughts. You can contribute as often as you like to this conversation, so be bold and do it![gravityform id="94" title="false" description="false"]Thanks for contributing and the passion you have for quality teaching, learning, and research.We do recognise that the thought of further upheaval in our sector is unsettling. So please contact local or national TEU representatives; talk to your colleagues and friends; and, use services such as EAP to help you have the strength to contribute to ensuring the longeveity of publicly owned and controlled vocational education. Our conditions of work are our students’ conditions of learning, that means we need to take care of each other.

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Thank you to all the members who have shared their expertise and knowledge for our submission to the Reform of Vocational Education.TEU Submission to the reform of vocational education April 2019Contact TEU0800 278 348Facebook Email

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