TEU members at Victoria University of Wellington just want to get on and provide quality education, but decisions about the way public money will be spent is making that hard.

“News that Victoria University’s senior management are seeking resource consent for cosmetic changes to the Pipitea campus underlines a worrying disconnect between rhetoric and reality,” says Dougal McNeill, Tertiary Education Union VUW branch president.

“Vice-Chancellor Grant Guilford used his Christmas party last year to scold staff for not putting themselves forward for redundancy,” McNeill went on, “claiming the University needed to make tough choices to reduce debt. But what values are on display here? Is there money for a brand refresh but not for the teaching and research staff students need for their learning? These plans seem topsy-turvy.”

“The crisis at Victoria is one of eroded relationships between staff and senior leaders, and this latest slap in the face to staff does nothing to address this,” said McNeill. “But it does make our determination stronger. Staff cuts now would hurt students, the University, and the community, and wasteful decisions like this latest plan underline that there is no case for cuts. The Tertiary Education Union is getting ready to fight for every job.”