Did you know that as a TEU member, you are eligible to join HealthCarePlus, a not-for-profit organisation, part-owned by the TEU to make the benefits of your TEU union membership go even further?

Since starting as The Education Benevolent Society Incorporated (“EBS”) in 1963, they’ve helped tens of thousands of eligible union members and their families access competitive insurance products to support their families’ health and wellbeing and provide financial protection for unforeseen events.

But in recent years, they’ve expanded on that mandate to support health and wellbeing in a broader range of areas, partnering with leading organisations who share the same values to provide ‘Member-only’ services and offers that aim to support their members financial, physical, and mental wellbeing.

At HealthCarePlus they believe mental health and wellbeing requires special focus and are committed to providing practical ways to help those struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress. One in four Kiwis will struggle with a mental health challenge in a given year and COVID-19 is adding to the challenges we face.

Special Mental Wellbeing Offer

So HealthCarePlus are delighted that their insurance partner – UniMed – recently announced a mental wellbeing special offer with Clearhead, a digital mental wellbeing service that provides 24-7 support with over 250 therapists across the country that can be accessed either online or in person.

Between 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022, UniMed will fund up to three sessions to the value of $215 per session for a psychologist and $120 per session for a counsellor. Members can choose to have their sessions online or in person. If you have family on your policy, they can access this service too.

How to apply

As a HealthCarePlus Plan policy holder – i.e. you have a Primary Care, Primary Care Extra, #Care4u or Hospital Select Plan – all you have to do is click here to see more information about the offer and book your sessions. Please make sure you have your HealthCarePlus membership number handy as you will need that to complete the booking (you can find your membership number on your policy documents).

Don’t worry if you are not a HealthCarePlus Plan policyholder

If you don’t have a HealthCarePlus Plan, don't worry… sign up for one of their three 'Day to Day' Healthcare Plans this month and you'll still have time to take advantage of this offer. You can compare their plans and sign up here.

Become an Associate Member

You don’t need to buy a Health Insurance Plan to join HealthCarePlus now. Just by being a TEU member, you are eligible to register to become an Associate Member which will give you opportunity to access all their ‘Member-only’ benefits and future offers. Register here.

Learn more about HealthCarePlus here.