International Support Personnel Day

With trade unions across the world, we are standing up as members of Education International to mark International Support Personnel Day.The General Secretary of Education International David Edwards’ message to mark this special day speaks to importance of recognising the work of support staff and of working as trade unions to improve the working conditions and pay of general, allied, and professional staff.TEU’s national industrial strategy has three national priorities branches should be advancing to help ensure better pay and conditions for general staff:

  • We will commit to implementing the process established for addressing general staff pay – which includes analysis by each bargaining team to identify where their collective agreement sits in relation to the principles of the general staff pay model framework, recognising that there is variance between branches in terms of their current pay and progression structures. (Refer to general staff pay model process for more information)
  • We will commit to raising equal pay claims on behalf of female dominated occupations using the pay equity principles.
  • We will commit to ensuring that there are claims that limit the use of fixed-term and casual appointments. (NZTEU National Industrial Strategy 2018-21)

Funding mattersTo ensure better working conditions and pay for general, allied, and professional staff TEU is working to get funding changes for the tertiary education sector.As Matt McGowan from the NTEU Australia noted at the Support Personnel workshop of Education International “ some countries, funding models do not recognise the support infrastructure required and restricted funding is used to keep workers in insecure and part time work.”And the $6bn underfunding of tertiary education in Aotearoa over the last ten years has seen support services – from libraries to laboratory assistance, from counselling services to Māori support staff – being slashed in our sector.Take two for TEU – #TertiaryLivesTell the government about the important support work that goes on in our campuses.Simply print off a #TertiaryLives Posters, write down what you do every day to make tertiary education work, snap a picture and put it on social media #TertiaryLives (or you can email it to Staff ManafestoOn May 27 the TEU will launch its new website, and inside it a space for general staff to share ideas, information, and reports on activities at the branch level of TEU.As part of this, we’ll be looking at ensuring our General Staff Manafesto – launched in 2009 – contains all that general, allied, and professional staff want.Share your thoughts on the manifesto