Tertiary Update – Vol 23 No 5

With the consultation period for the Reform of Vocational Education nowclosed, the Government will be considering submissions made by Te HautūKahurangi o Aotearoa (TEU) and over 1500 others.The TEU submission focuses on ensuring students get access to expertteachers and industry practitioners. But warns that the best laid plans forthe future will not succeed unless the government steps up with transitionfunding for the beleaguered polytechnic sector.Thousands of TEU members have been involved in meetings on campuses,completed online surveys, and participated in submission writing to informthe TEU’s contributions to the vocational education conversation.TEU National President Michael Gilchrist says “What these conversationshave shown is tertiary education institutions can’t focus properly onlearning outcomes when they fear losing funding for students because thosestudents get jobs part way through their studies. They are penalised forsuccess. That’s why we’re supporting the single funding model for thosetraining on campuses and in-work.”The TEU is also calling for the Minister of Education to reveal how he willreview the entire tertiary education funding model.TEU National Secretary, Sharn Riggs, says removing competition between theexisting tertiary education providers and putting in place a platform forcloser collaboration on core functions – from curriculum design to studentmanagement systems – will benefit students and industry. And it can be donein a way that supports good jobs in all the communities served by existingpolytechnics.However consolidation alone is not going to save the sector. Persistentunderfunding of tertiary education has run down our institutions and thestaff.“You can’t teach at the cutting edge of industry if you don’t have themachinery and technology to do it. You can’t innovate when every minute ofthe day is filled covering classes because there aren’t enough tutors”,says Riggs.Read more

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