As TEU members, you may not be aware that as part of your union membership, you and your whānau are entitled to supplementary healthcare created by TEU and designed to benefit you in everyday life – not just when you’re sick.  

HealthCarePlus is your union owned not-for-profit co-operative that supports union members and their whānau’s health and wellbeing by providing members with access to high quality and affordable day-to-day health insurance plans.

Coverage through HealthCarePlus is more generous than many for-profit providers - with less of the usual barriers and exclusions. Rather than existing to generate private profits for shareholders, HealthCarePlus instead creates the greatest possible value for TEU members.

It’s designed to maximise the benefits paid to members, not minimise them.

Once you’re a member - you and your whānau can enjoy the benefits, not just for the rest of your union membership, but for the rest of your life.

To find out more, register for one of the HealthCarePlus webinars, for 31 March, or 7 April.