The TEU supports the introduction of the Domestic Violence –Victims’Protection Act which builds in to law protections and support for victimsof domestic and intimate partner violence.The law change is an important step forward combating violence andimproving the lives of individuals, and the wellbeing of whanau andcommunities, and something union members have been seeking for years.The Domestic Violence-Victims’ Protection Act is a world-leading,progressive piece of legislation that applies to employees who experienceor have experienced domestic violence directly. or who live or have livedwith a child/ children who has experienced or experiences domesticviolence.TEU welcomes this legislative change, which will see workers affected bydomestic violence entitled to take paid leave and to request flexibleworking arrangements. Workers are also protected from being adverselyaffected in their employment on the grounds that they are, or are suspectedto be, a person affected by domestic violence.The TEU has been working with members over the last five years to getprotections for victims into collective agreements.Over the past 12 months, the TEU has succeeded in negotiating some of theprovisions contained within the Act into twelve collective agreements.TEU National Industrial Officer Irena Brorens notes “this is a fantasticpiece of legislation that recognises the many difficulties victims ofdomestic violence face dealing with the trauma of violence and negotiatingwork and other commitments.“This is an issue that the unions, and the Green Party, have beencampaigning for, and we believe it is crucial to the safety of victims, andthe wellbeing of survivors of domestic violence”Council of Trade Unions Vice President Rachel Mackintosh released astatement in support of the legislation, stating "Everyone should be ableto live a life free from violence. Unfortunately, we know that many peopleare experiencing violence from the people closest to them. Until we areable to create a society free from violence we must build in protectionsfor those who live with this nightmare. We are proud that New Zealand isleading the way in ensuring that domestic abuse survivors are bettersupported in their workplaces”.To learn more about the Domestic Violence –Victims’ Protection Act, see: more information or support and assistance in makinga request for domestic violence leave or other support related toreasons to domestic violence contact your union/ union organiser.

Other Supports

If you or someone close to you needs support and assistance for urgent orimmediate assistance because of domestic violence these organisations canbe contacted:Are You OK? Forinformation about family violence, what it is and where to get help. FamilyViolence Information Line (0800 456 450)Oranga Tamariki–Ministry for Children 0508 FAMILY(0508 326 459) if you are concerned about a child or young person.Women’s Refuge. 0800 REFUGE(733 843)Shine Making homes violence free in NZ. Freehelpline 0508 744 633 provides information to victims of family violenceand also a Training provider for the prevention of family violenceNational Network of Stopping Violence is anetwork of community organisations working to end men’s violence to womenand children across New Zealand.