HauTaki Haere |Tertiary Update Vol 24, No 5

On Monday 23 March, the Prime Minister announced New Zealand’s coronavirus alert level had been lifted to level 3, with the country set to move into alert level 4 and full lockdown at midnight tonight.

All non-essential businesses must close by Wednesday 25 March, with the Minister of Education announcing that all tertiary education institutions are to close face-to-face operations.

As tertiary education modes of delivery and services move fully online for the next 4 weeks, TEU will keep consulting staff on changes in operation, ensuring that additional workload demands on teaching and administrative staff are reasonable, equitable and safe at this time, and insisting that institutional leaders confirm that any changes are temporary only.

While the sudden shift in the mode of provision is unprecedented, a nationally co-ordinated and consistent approach on the part of tertiary education institutions over the next 4 weeks should be the aim says Michael Gilchrist, TEU National President.

“The key thing is to ensure staff and student well-being is at the heart of decisions, while interrupting learning as little as possible. It’s not an easy balance but if we work together, we can do it.”

There are some modes of provision that cannot be moved online and some learners who won’t respond to online learning, so we do need to keep talking and planning for all cases, says Gilchrist.

“While we continue to follow the advice of the Government and relevant agencies, it is vital at this time that we look out for one another, even as we move into lockdown. TEU will continue to provide updates on issues that have an impact on the tertiary education sector and our members. We also ask members to continue to provide feedback to us on what is happening for you at work and on the messages we are sending out reflecting your concerns. It is easy for that feedback loop to be weakened at this time – we need it to be stronger than ever”.

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