Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa | Massey University is proposing that they sell bridging programs currently run by the Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE)  to private education provider Kaplan International.

Why should that concern us all? Why should we be worried that leaders at Massey University are proposing to hand over taxpayer money to an international for-profit provider?

First of all, as taxpayers, we contribute to the funding of the transformative learning that takes place in universities, wānanga, and polytechnics – and Massey University is no exception. Our taxpayer money should go to providing education, not into the pockets of shareholders.

Secondly, 30 Aotearoa-based staff members will lose their jobs in the middle of a global pandemic.

There are also deeper consequences: once jobs are lost, there is an increased threat to our future recovery. Our institutions should be thinking about the local community and local students, not short-term financial gains.

There are more than jobs on the line, as students come to Aotearoa to be taught by world leaders. Tertiary education staff have guided us through the pandemic with their research and expertise. This capacity needs to be retained – not traded away – as education is a key part of any successful economic recovery.

As our borders look set to open for international students, we need to ensure all staff are valued inside our sector and that we retain our world leading thinkers and educators. After all, students want to immerse themselves in courses that are unique because they are designed and delivered in Aotearoa.

Massey University is not alone in contracting out good jobs to international for-profit companies. But we must call ‘time out' on this practice.

Public funding should go to local industries – to salaries that are spent locally. We need to make sure 30 staff at Massey University – and all who depend on them - have a bright Christmas. Tell the Massey University Vice Chancellor DON’T SELL JOBS!

TAKE ACTION:  YOUR VOICE MATTERS – Stand in solidarity with Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa | Massey University students and staff by sending messages of support telling institutional leaders that this form of decision-making and management is not acceptable.