AUT strike

Union members at the Auckland University of Technology have votedoverwhelmingly in favour of taking strike action in regard to theircollective negotiations that have so far seen management not agreeing totheir salary claims. The claims include a 3% increase and that the lowestpaid staff members should be paid the Living Wage.Tertiary Education Union (TEU) members are asking for a 3 percent boost inpay for all staff covered by the collective agreements. This modestincrease would go some way to ensuring salaries at the university reflectthe time, energy and skill that staff put into their jobs. In addition tothis salary claim, staff have been negotiating collectively for the LivingWage at AUT. The university has so far refused to accept that the lowestpaid staff working at AUT should be paid the Living Wage of $20.55 perhour. The union believes that regardless of whether an employee works fulltime, or as a student working in a café, or as a student mentor at AUT,they should receive this rate which enables them to pay for the basicnecessities of life. AUT needs to follow the lead of the Auckland CityCouncil which has agreed to pay the Living Wage to all employees.Basically, it is the right thing for a university to do.Recently over a thousand staff and students signed a petition calling onthe Vice Chancellor to pay staff the Living Wage.For two weeks, union members will not be releasing student marks to AUT.The TEU has notified the student union of its plans and has told them thatAUT can ensure the release of marks by agreeing to what the union is askingfor.Irena Brorens, the national industrial officer of the TEU, and leadadvocate for negotiations at AUT, said: “What we’re talking about here arethe people who make studying at AUT possible. Every person at theuniversity makes a huge contribution to the quality teaching and learningAUT is known for”.ENDSFor more information:

  • Irena Brorens TEU National Industrial Officer - 021 770 843
  • Julie Douglas Acting TEU Branch President - 021 1758615